Sunday, May 15, 2005


Sci-Fi Writer Robert Sheckley on Artificial Respiration in Ukrainian Hospital

Created: 05.05.2005 16:11 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 16:11 MSK


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Famous U.S. science-fiction writer Robert Sheckley is still in a Kiev hospital suffering respiratory failure after a week of treatment, the Ekho Moskvy Web site reported Thursday.

The 76-year-old writer was taken to hospital with a cold during his visit to the Ukrainian Sci-Fi Computer Week, an international event for science fiction writers, Itar Tass reports. His condition has deteriorated since.

Sheckley is now in one of Kiev’s private medical institutions, a clinic called Boris. He has also been examined by specialists from the Ukrainian State Pulmonology Institute and the National Medical University.

The writer is currently on artificial respiration and doctors describe his condition as grave, Ekho Moskvy adds.

Robert Sheckley is a star of the Golden Age of science fiction and one of the major creators of the genre itself.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey Sheckley began writing stories in the 1940s, soon becoming popular. He moved to the Spanish island of Ibiza in the 1970s and returned to the United States ten years later as fiction editor of the OMNI magazine.

Sheckley has written over sixty books to date, including twenty novels and nine collections of short stories. His major works include Immortality Inc and Status Civilization as well as several books written in collaboration with Roger Zelazny.

He won the Jupiter Award for the best science fiction story of 1974. In 1991, he received the Daniel F. Gallun award for contributions to the genre of science-fiction.


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