Sunday, May 15, 2005

George C. Willick's Kuttner page

George C. Willick's Kuttner page.

Name: KUTTNER, Henry Aged: 42
Born: April 7, 1915 Where: Los Angeles, California
Died: February 4, 1958 Where: Santa Monica, California
Interred: Cremated. Ashes interred in Woodlawn Cemetery, in the Chapel of the Pacific.
Married: Catherine Lucille Moore When: June 7, 1940
Awarded: 1940 World's SF convention voted Kuttner the Best SF Writer in the World.

PEN NAMES: With his wife, at least 16 jointly; Edward J. Bellin, Paul Edmonds, Noel Gardner, Will Garth (house name), James Hall, Keith Hammond, Hudson Hastings, Peter Horn, Robert O. Kenyon, C. H. Liddell, K. Hugh Maepenn, Scott Morgan, Lawrence O'Donnell (mostly C. L. Moore), Lewis Padgett, Woodrow Wilson Smith, & Charles Stoddard (adventure stories).
Kelvin Kent was used by Kuttner & Arthur K. Barnes, either singly or in collaboration. C. L. Moore was not involved in these stories.


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